Blank Death Notices<br>
Blank Death Notices
Magnetic Textile<br>
Magnetic Textile
Blackboard Textile<br>
Blackboard Textile
Color Concept<br>
Color Concept
Both photos: Kristina Strauss<br>
Both photos: Kristina Strauss

Vom Text zum Textil

Based on extensive research in daily and weekly newspapers, the final project 'From Text to Textile' shows textile concepts and ideas. For the work the following 4 themes MASSIG (bulky), NATÜRLICH (natural), BESCHÄDIGT (damaged) and BEWEGLICH (flexible) were the starting point for working with them in texts, pictures and textiles. Many of the textiles can be changed by the user. You can write on them, fix magnets on them, or destroy them more and more. The magazines TEXT and TEXTIL are showing the text-research and the textile results.

• Final Exam Work, 2009
• Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Zane Berzina
• 51 material samples: 17×17cm, 17×51 cm, 17×110 cm
• 4 panels: 60×300 cm